Portrait of a Pet

The Process

  • Selecting photos
  • Commissioning
  • Payment
  • Work in progress
  • Delivery

Art Medium

Pet portraits are created using black pen and ink. Accents of colored pencil for pet potrtaits are available for an additional $10. Portraits of people are drawn in pencil. All portraits are created on acid-free paper.

Introductory Prices (excluding shipping/handling and sales tax)

  9"x12" $100
  11"x14" $125
  14"x17" $175
  19"x24" $250
  Pack of 10 notecards with envelopes $25

(There will be a charge of $25 for each extra person or animal in portraits containing more than one subject. For example, a 9"x12" portrait of one subject is $100. The same sized portrait of two subjects would be $125. Three subjects of that same size would be $150 and so forth.)


Payment is accepted via cashier's check or money order. Once all payments are received, the artwork will be shipped as soon as it is complete.

A Note on Notecards
A pack or packs of 10 notecards (blank on the inside) with envelopes will be available for purchase with a portrait. The notecards will be printed on acid-free cardstock. The purchase of a portrait is required in order to buy notecards. However, customers are welcome to re-order packs of notecards.

Receiving Your Artwork
Please allow 2-6 weeks after after confirmation of receipt of photographs of the portrait subject for the artist to produce the artwork and for that portrait and/or notecards to be approved and shipped to the customer.

While the artist retains ownership of copyright to all art creations and products, she will consult with clients before posting images of their beloved on www.portraitofapet.net or on any promotional materials.

How to Order
All portraits are drawn from photographs supplied by the customer. After making inital contact with the artist through the online inquiry form, customers will arrange with the artist either to e-mail photographs in .jpg or PDF format, or to "snail" mail them to her. The artist will scan her initial sketch and e-mail the draft to the customer to seek approval before inking it. The customer will then send a payment for the portrait and shipping costs to the artist through the mail. After the payment is received, the portrait is completed and the notecards are printed (if ordered), the artist will roll the artwork in a mailing tube and send them through either the United States Postal Service or UPS. Notecards will require a small extra shipping fee and will arrive separately.

Photograph Guidelines
All photographs must clearly show the animal's full body with the animal's head measuring at least as large as two quarters so that the artist can see as much detail as possible. If the portrait subject is a person, the person's face in the photograph must be generally as large as the circumference of a coffee mug. All photographs received through regular mail service will be returned with the completed portrait.


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