Canvas Printing

Do Canvas Prints Of Photos Really Look Like The Photos?

These days one of the most delightful gifts to give someone are canvas prints. Not to be mistaken with canvas paints, canvas prints are a form of photo printing. Anyone can do it themselves with a little bit of knowledge. It is a pleasant way of showing off your photography skills. The canvases can come of many different types. Some people like the canvases to be framed while others prefer the canvases to be unframed. But in both cases canvas prints of photos are expressed in the best way possible. Read this article to know more about the photos portrayed in a canvas print.

What is the difference between photos and canvas prints of photos?

Canvas print photos are not that different than normal photos. They are just printed versions of the photos on canvas. Some people prefer to use filters on top of the photos to give them various effects. That is the only thing that makes the photos look a bit different. Making canvas prints aren’t tuff either. First thing first. Pick the photo you want to print and choose the canvas size you desire. Pick out a good decoupage glue. Now you must decide what style your canvas print will be. You can fill the border with photo wrap, mirror wrap or even choose colors. To photo wrap your canvas, you need to print out a bigger photo than the canvas and wrap the sides. To do a mirror wrap, you need to reverse the sides of the photo and wrap it along the edges. For color wrap you just take a brush and color the sides of the canvas. After you finish the sides you start working on the base. Brush the entire surface of the canvas with glue and carefully place your photo. Make sure you match corner to corner. Push it down firmly. Coat the entire thing with mod podge. Now whether you want a texture is up to you. This is what makes the photo look different. Simply cut out the texture paper in the size of the canvas, glue it and use mod podge on it. The canvas will be beautiful on any wall.

How much does a canvas print cost?

The prices of canvas prints vary depending on the size. The prices are something like $7.99 for 8×8, $14.99 for 8×10 and 8×12, $18.99 for 10×10, $19.99 for 12×12, $17.99 for 12×16, $18.99 for 12×18, $21.99 for 16×24, $22.99 for 18×24, $25.99 for 20×20, $29.99 for 24×24, $36.99 for 24×36 and $82.99 for 36×36. If you want the canvases to be stretched and applied for you then the prices would be $26.99, $26.99, $27.99, $38.99, $40.99, $41.99, $43.99, $51.99, $52.99, $59.99, $83.99 and $175.99 respectively. Though if you want to make it yourself, the price would be much cheaper.

Now you know that canvas prints of photos are simply photos with extra effects while applied. They are quite charming in their own way.