Acrylic Prints vs. Metal Prints – Which Are Better?

Comparing two special printing methods like the acrylic prints and metal prints may seem difficult without any specific area of consideration like its overall look, its price, its durability, weight and its accuracy in color and the methods involve in their processing.

The best way to compare them is to understand the process involve in the creation of these prints:

  • Acrylic prints -are constructed with two distinct processes, first process it directly prints the image onto the acrylic and then seals this with a white back coating known as backer boards. The second part is the face mount where it prints the image onto a paper such as the Fuji-color Crystal Archive which is embedded with halite crystals and then this is sandwiched between the acrylic and the backer board. The effect is like a 3 dimensional image. The acrylic like the OP3 acrylite is 98% UV reflective making the piece last for many generations and it won’t easily fade when exposed to sunlight.
  • In metal prints, the ink is molecular bonded to the metal which gives it an incredibly durable finish. Likewise it has impressive color accuracy, the sharpness, the contrast; everything is just spectacular with these metal pieces and will be fantastic on the wall. These are lightweight and thin and one can see that there are provisions of a hanging system that gives it something of a standoff effect. With metal prints you will get an incredible image that really jumps off the wall. If this interests you then learn more about it here.

To sum it up Either the metal or acrylic print one can never go wrong with having them as a method of preserving your memories and photograph. Both of them will be spectacular on the wall. It is just that acrylic print is at the high end and will last for more years. Metal prints on the other hand are the nice budget friendlier means of getting those vibrant and glossy images on your walls which are also durable too.