The Latest Style Trend: Printing Memorable Photos Onto Canvas

Everyone loves a good trip down memory-lane where the good types of memories take us to familiar places, events and moments. These memories bring more meaning to life. It can be triggered by just a familiar smell or taste or sight. In effect it makes us want to bring back the time to that very moment, one that we hold dear in our hearts. Smell and taste is difficult to capture but sight has it means through the latest style trend of photo printing onto canvas.

How are these done?
Canvas prints are the result of the images which are printed onto a canvas. These are then stretched and gallery-wrapped onto frames then displayed. Normally seen in interior designs; they use stock images there and reproduce this to look like the original oil or acrylic paintings which is quite impressive like getting a Mona Lisa on your walls.

Customized personal photos
Though to others customized personal photos mean less but to the people who hold it dear, these canvas will surely be loved due to its beauty and elegance. You know you are putting it into a classic art on its own. This medium is not for expensive paintings alone. In fact expensive paintinghas certain value while the portrait canvas you are making is priceless.

What are its sizes and shapes?
Canvas prints come mostly in rectangular or square shape but have varied sizes mostly like an 11×14 or a 16x 20 and a 30 x40. Those who consider bigger images can easily opt to have individual printing and they make collage or split canvas to get their desired size. Orders are normally processed within 2 weeks.

Canvas printing is holding on to the memory of the things we hold dear, the things that made us who we are today and the one that we never want to forget. For memories are ageless treasures concealed deep within our hearts.