Why A Heat Pump May Keep Your Home More Comfortable Than A Furnace

Heat pumps and furnaces have both have the same functions when it comes to usage at home. But why a heat pump gives more comfort than a furnace?

One of the main reasons is furnaces can only be used for heating so it can merely be used during the cold season only whereas the heat pump can also be used as a cooling system. So it gives comfort to the house the whole year round.

When it comes to efficiency, both are efficient in their own terms. The traditional furnace could produce heat up to 90 percent of the burned fuel with only 10 percent goes to waste, while the heat pump has no waste at all. It heats the home to the exact needs of the specification.

Additionally, a heat pump is an economically-wise choice since it is efficient when it comes to cost saving. It uses electricity which is way lower in cost than other fuel sources used in furnaces. There are advanced furnaces these days that use electricity as well but it consumes more energy than the heat pumps. Besides the fact that you can also save for not buying two units, a heater and an air-conditioner as they come 2 in 1 in a heat pump.

Moreover, the furnace gives a hot dry air. In order to resolve this, a humidifier is needed. Whereas on the heat pumps, the skin won’t dry out and humidifier is not needed since it circulates air that is naturally humid for the reason that it does not use combustion and does not produce carbon monoxide. Lastly, one thing is really more convenient and comfortable to use if after buying it, it can be used quickly. A heat pump (varmepumpe) is very easy to install and usually cost less than furnaces. A furnace, however, requires a vast ventilation system which takes time to do and it also costs a lot.